Summer Breeze

All I can Say about this one is;

One awesome song written by 

Jim Seals & Dash Crofts.

Take A Ride

Is about getting on a bike,  in a car, and just going for a ride. The low and high flute talk back and forth to each other as they take a ride together. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Rainy Day in Brooklyn

Went to record Amazing Grace and we got off track and came up with this funky tune. it was a rainy day

and we were in "Brooklyn"

( real thunder recorded for this song listen for it twice )

Desert Dancer

When I wrote this one, I pictured a beautiful woman with long dark hair,( my wife of course ), wearing a long white dress that flowed in the wind as she danced barefoot in the desert enjoying the music. 

Trying to covince my wife to do a video for the song but its going to take some time.

Like Father Like Son

I wrote this song for my father just before he passed away to let him know how much he meant to me, and how much we were alike. He really enjoyed this one.  

Amazing Grace

  "Just Amazing"

Winter Warmth

My Friend and Piano man  Joseph Matera came up with this beautiful melody and asked me to come up with a lead for the song which took some time. I added some drums and sound effects and  this beautiful song was created. The song is about the warmth you get when you put your hands around a hot cup of coffie,  your feet near a warm fire, or nestling up next to the one you love, ( in the winter ).


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