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    I will never forget the first time I heard the Native American flute.  I was at a pow wow in Ohio.  As he began to play, I was taken back by the beautiful haunting sound of the flute. Shortly after he started playing, I observed three hawks fly directly over him. They repeatedly began to circle over the crowd during the entire song, When he stopped playing, the hawks gracefully flew away, as if the hawks were attracted to the sound of this ancient wooden Instrument, this amazed me and the entire crowd.  I was hooked.  I bought my first flute shortly after this experience in the year 2008, and have been playing ever since.


   My goal is to open up new musical path's and styles to this ancient wooden Instrument. There are many great traditional native flute players Which I look up to and that have influenced me greatly, but I bring a little different approach by adding some groovy, funky, and soulful elements to it. My hope is to showcase this beautiful sounding Instrument in a different and exciting new way. and to help bring awareness to the Native American Flute.



Thomas Green

Award winning Native American flutist


The first Time I ever heard the Native American Flute

My Goal

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